Patagonia, New Belgium Dangle Carrot with California Route Beer

If there's one thing most outdoorsy types love equally as much as the great outdoors, it's beer. Beer is the reward after a long day at the crag. The carbonation quenches your thirst après ski. Carbohydrates help fill the void of calories you've just worked off for hours in the saddle. 

Doing the things we love outside is something we can all cheers to. 

It's no surprise that, when Patagonia announced it was partnering with New Belgium Brewery to create a new lager for its 40th anniversary, consumers' response was overwhelmingly positive. The beer was brewed in the "California Common" style, and gets its namesake from a climbing route in Patagonia, first climbed in 1968.

Since the announcement, Channel Signal has picked up nearly 1,000 posts about the branded ale.

Demand is Higher Than Supply

Consumers want this beer. They really want this beer. But they aren't sure where to find it, and Patagonia and New Belgium aren't offering up much beta:

From Patagonia: "You might find a six-pack somewhere near your local Patagonia Retail Store but it's pretty rare. We'd love to go big with it, but our attention remains focused on building the best outdoor clothing available."

From New Belgium: "This beer is super limited. Like, super-duper limited. [...] We have shipped it, and it is out in the world, and the data is now feeding its way into our Beer Finder. But it was a really small batch, and it will not go everywhere."

Find The Route

Now, Channel Signal is noticing a new viral campaign that has spun off of this one, surrounding the hashtag #findtheroute. The campaign embraces the chase, and gives social users a place to brag that they've found the beer, or beg the question: where can I get this beer?

So, there's more hype over the fact that you just can't get the stuff than the taste of or messaging behind the beer itself. Do you think this was an intentional strategy on the parts of Patagonia and New Belgium? Or was this just a fun anniversary project that they didn't think would take off?


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