By The Numbers: The Growth of Yoga

Yoga as we know it today is a far cry from its origins in ancient India. Western yogis certainly enjoy the yogic benefits to the psyche, but the contemporary practicer appears to be far more interested in the physical benefits. Much of what we see around the yoga conversation has to do with muscle tone and lifestyle issues (such as the white girl uniform). Regardless of which benefits yogis enjoy most, there's no questioning that it's a growth industry you can't ignore.

And that's why Channel Signal collects and measures consumer comments to bring you our monthly category report on yoga. It is ripe with opportunity for the outdoor and lifestyle industry. Here are some quick-hitting stats for your Monday. 

Statistics on the Growth of Yoga

$27 Billion
amount spent annually in the U.S. on yoga products 

percent increase on yoga product spending over the last 5 years 

percent increase in yoga participation from 2008 to 2012 

20.4 Million
number of yoga participants in the United States in 2012 

anticipated average annual increase in industry revenue through 2017

Yoga Interest Over Time

When compared to other similar forms of indoor recreation, yoga not only dwarfs the competition, it's the only activity experiencing steady growth. This growth has not gone unnoticed by the thousands of studios, apparel and nutritional companies reaping the benefits of the $27 billion dollar industry.

Yoga Industry Growth


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David N. Chase says:

I'm doing a paper on yoga and am looking for stats of the growth of yoga over a longer period of time, say 1960 till now. Or 1980 would do. Do you have that information? I'd really appreciate it.

December 31, 2014 12:11 PM

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