By The Numbers: The Growth of CrossFit

Since its founding in 2000, CrossFit has shown explosive growth on all fronts: number of affiliate gyms, annual revenues, and online conversations. It's seen such growth that it was propelled to number ten on our list of the top outdoor stories of 2013. CrossFit is a perpetually changing mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics, and weight lifting, but there's something else that nobody seems to be able to put their finger on. Is it the comraderie? The fact that there's something new every day? Or maybe it's the way your muscles have started revealing themselves in places you haven't seen for years. 

Statistics on the Growth of CrossFit

number of affiliate gyms, up from just 13 in 2005 

year-over-year growth rate of the CrossFit Games 

Estimated failure rate of opening a CrossFit gym 

2 Billion
estimated net of just the CrossFit affiliates in 2013

Interest in CrossFit Over Time

As you can see from the consumer searches on Google, CrossFit has shown explosive growth while other traditional big brand gyms have remained relatively flatlined. 

Crossfit Growth Compared to Others


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Yong Kwon says:


I enjoyed your articles on Crossfit. However I have questions that you could help me understand.

In your article, you asid there are 166%
year-over-year growth rate of the CrossFit Games. Well could you let me know how many games were there in 2012?

Also you mentioned about the no. of affiliates which is 2 Billion in 2013. What do you mean by affiliates? Is it no. of gym or members worldwide?

Your reply would much appreciated


October 22, 2014 3:51 AM

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